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Posted by womanabouttown | Posted in Willmar | Posted on 16-01-2013


Wow, it’s been a very long time since my last post. I halfway expected to be unable to bring my blog up. I thought it might have disappeared. In any case, I certainly didn’t mean for so much time to lapse. And that’s part of what I’m going to write about today. Sometimes my life is very regimented, and that’s my choice, but sometimes that means that if a certain activity isn’t on my list of things to do, I don’t do it. Even enjoyable things, like writing in my blog. This isn’t a recent discovery of my self, for I have been aware of this for years. I think that my regimented ways have held me back from finding and using my true talents and hobbies. I also think that I have cared too much what other people think and say. If I had listened to my soul a little more and had filtered out or even ignored what others were saying, how far would I now be? WHO would I be?


I did turn over a new leaf when I turned 40. On that Big Day, I went on a long and serene drive by myself, and I made a distinct decision while behind the wheel: to follow my instincts more often. Two months later, I met the man who would later become my husband. My new outlook had led me to this great man.


For the last few months, a new message has been blinking like a neon sign in my brain: Feed Your Soul. I became newly aware that after completing my day’s list of thing to do, the only way I relaxed was to watch TV. Why wasn’t I doing things that fed my soul a little more? At the same time, it became blindingly obvious that there could be a link between NOT feeding your soul and overfeeding your body. If I don’t properly feed my soul, maybe I feed my body too much. That’s one of the reasons that it’s so healthy to find an outlet. I have exercise as an outlet, yes, but that is part of my regiment. What about other things? One thing I have not stifled: I have become somewhat obsessed with menu planning, or simply marking recipes that I want to try. It’s great fun. I currently have many cooking magazines by my bedside, as it has become my bedtime reading. Weird, yes? Cooking is an amazing thing, really. You take some ingredients, combine them together and create an interesting, healthy thing to eat. We must eat, so why not make it somewhat alluring? That truly feeds my soul, and my body.


Of course there are other ways to feed your soul: Reading, knitting, music, socializing with supportive people, volunteering,  building rockets. Simply do what you WANT to do. Imagine that.

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Sarah, it’s great to see you blogging again! I hope writing this blog becomes another way you can “feed your soul.”

Hope all is well with you!

Hi Ashley! Yes, I think this is another way to “feed my soul!” It feels good to blog again.

How are you doing?