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My husband and I went to my nephew’s birthday party in Clarissa on Saturday. He is turning 5 and is absolutely adorable. As he receives his gifts, he unravels the mysterious wrappings with such gusto and is equally excited when he reveals the package’s contents. ..On our way northward towards the party, we enjoyed the drive, as the sun shined brightly and the roadside trees were all painted with sparkly frost. My husband kept saying that the trees were “flocked.” Even with this season’s bizarre absence of snow, this scene was no understudy to the usual snowy stage. It was our own gift to unravel as we made our way.


On our return trip, we stopped at Three Sisters Furnishings, http://www.threesistersfurnishings.com/, which is in New London. My husband wasn’t too excited about the prospect of shopping, but he bended. It was my 3rd visit to the store since living in Willmar, and my husband’s first. I have 2 sisters, and I have not brought them to the store yet, but the owners say that many groups of “3 sisters” visit and get their picture taken alongside the sign.  This is a family-owned store, and the father of the 3 sisters, Roger, has been the proprietor with each of my visits. Roger is very easy to talk to, and you can easily spend 20 minutes engaged in conversation with him. He knows the history of the region and speaks highly of the artists who supply his merchandise. My husband was pleasantly surprised by the place, especially with the high quality of pottery and Amish-made furniture (which made me want to say “told you so”). I like the furniture as well, and the lamps. And we cannot forget Mr B’s Chocolates, www.mrbchocolates.com. Holy cow, this is good chocolate. Along with the chocolates that they supply to Three Sisters, they have their own chocolate store in Willmar. How lucky are we to have such melt-in-your-mouth goodness right in our own backyard? Anyway, a milk chocolate bar with almonds was our only purchase on this particular day. Although we didn’t continue east on Hwy 9 for more New London shopping, I am sure that I will get there soon enough. I also like to go to The Happy Sol and Mill Pond Mercantile, especially when searching for a gift. 


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